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Saudequip Senegal organized customer open days focused on SEM and FG Wilson products marketed by its Util-Equip department in the cities of Dakar and Ross Bethio (Northern Senegal) respectively on August 08 and September 13, 2018.

Our product specialists had the pleasure to welcome about a hundred customers with the program of presentations around the machines and Generating Sets, demonstration and exchange sessions.

These JPOs allowed the presentation of Utility SEM and FGW products to about a hundred customers and Prospects from the sectors BTP, Agriculture, Servicing, individuals, financing institutions among others.

In Ross Bethio, Senegal River Valley, the grader SEM 919 aroused a lot of interest due to its simple mechanical character and its attractive acquisition cost.

Customers took the opportunity to conclude deals including 1 F50 generator, 3 SEM 512 graders and 1 SEM 655 loader.

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