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Boyles C5

The Boyles C5/C5C surface coring machine is compact yet powerful, a compact design that allows it to be easily positioned and transported, even by helicopter. During transport by helicopter, the unit consists of six modules, each equipped with lifting points for safe and efficient transport. The solid and robust design allows continuous operation in remote locations and harsh operating environments. All drilling functions are performed from an ergonomic and user-friendly control panel that displays all drilling parameters necessary for productive drilling. The rig is equipped with the Durahead two-speed rotary drive unit that provides the torque and rpm ranges needed for coring, with a drilling depth capacity of 800 m for drilling N-size holes. Despite its small and compact exterior that even allows helicopter transport, the Boyles C5/C5C provides the torque and rpm needed for coring with BO to PO size rods, making it the most powerful rig in its class. The Boyles C5/C5C operates continuously to minimize maintenance requirements. The machine is designed for optimum safety, minimizing the risk of injury during operation.

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