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The best advertisement is a satisfied customer.

For all the products marketed, we offer all our customers a range of choices and quality of service for day-to-day operations.

The manufacturer's warranty

Each machine marketed benefits from the manufacturer’s guarantee against any manufacturing defect, over the contractual period.

This guarantee consists of replacing defective parts in the event of a factory defect with new parts, or repairing them on site when possible.

Our priority is to reduce machine downtime as much as possible.

After-Sales Service

In order to ensure your peace of mind, we accompany your teams on a daily basis. Utilequip International is committed at your side to support your work and facilitate the maintenance of your machines, in order to promote their longevity.

Appointment requests, machine inspections, servicing and maintenance, telephone assistance, certificates of conformity… We are committed to ensuring that you are focused solely on your work.

Spare parts stock monitoring

We are able to keep track of our stock of spare parts for your machines.

This service allows you to find any part necessary for the correct use of your machines and products, and also to ensure their durability.

You will find in our various African Representations, an available stock proposed by a contact person at your disposal. We can also provide you with references that are not yet supplied and this quickly thanks to our stock in Europe.

Contractual maintenance

We offer our customers a maintenance contract aimed at ensuring the proper compliance of your machines as well as their maintenance.

Also, we can intervene on site, with a first diagnosis beforehand, in order to repair your machines and devices.

All interventions are carried out by certified Utilequip International employees.

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19 Cybercity, Ebene,Port LouisMaurice
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